ブレインについて About Us

ブレインについて About Us

Brain Corporation provides multi-layered solutions to support your communication needs.

◆Web Production Group

We provide website creation, management and maintenance services, including planning and production of corporate websites. We also design a wide range of digital contents, offering visual solutions such as graphics, illustrations, HTML5, JavaScript and Flash.

◆Video Production Group

What is generally called "video content" actually presents specific features depending on the media platform (TV, DVD, web, mobile devices, etc) for which it is intended. With our experience as a multimedia production, we customize the right video content to match your needs and provide the most suitable, up-to-date solution for your purpose.

◆System Development Group

From server configuration through system development, data broadcasting and client-side script, we offer the most efficient and flexible solution to support your requirements. Making optimal use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, we develop more cost-effective web system strategies. We also endeavor to provide quality system management and full aftercare service.

◆Digital Publishing Group

We provide complete support for the digitalization and multimedia development of publishing content, starting from electronic book formats such as ePub, to electronic dictionaries, websites, apps for smartphones and e-learning tools. We also provide effective digital data management, to offer you a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

◆Communications Promotion Group

We offer total support for event planning, production and management, and propose the best PR and marketing strategies to enhance your company's potential. We also plan CSR activities involving citizens and local communities as part of marketing strategy.

◆In-House Solutions Group

Our in-house solutions are designed to provide services as web production and management in a more direct and customized way. Our engineer staff will be based at your office to give you all the necessary assistance in managing and updating your web page. Whatever the size of your needs, we will select the most qualified and suitable team.

◆Osaka Office

Osaka Office specializes in the production of promotional video content, such as sales promotion videos, corporate promotional videos and in-house videos. From planning through direction, filming, editing, computer graphic and web production, all the production stages are covered to offer flexible, fast and affordable solutions.

◆Okinawa Office

Okinawa Office offers different types of design services, including web and iPhone app interface design, artwork production, banner creation and image processing. Every project is carried out in cooperation with the head office in Tokyo, to meet a wide range of visual production needs.

実績 work

Work [実績]

Examples of Our Work

Sensō Shōgen - War witness interviews

  • WEB

Website featuring video documents from the NHK war witness archives. It includes valuable contents such as video interviews of people who experienced the Pacific War, newsreels from the Nippon News Film Company and audio material recorded during the war years.

Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese.

  • WEB

E-learning website for learning Japanese run by the Japan Foundation. It contains not only learning materials but also contents about Japanese culture and many other functions like avatar creation to learn Japanese in an enjoyable way.
(Japan Prize 2010, Youth Category entry)

Learn 500 words in a month! - English vocabulary for forgetful people

  • APP

iphone app version of "Learn 500 words in a month! - English vocabulary for forgetful people", published by Sanshusha.

Raku Tabi Series - Travel conversation app

  • APP

iphone app version of the "Raku Tabi - Travel Conversation Guide" series published by Sanshusha. It currently covers 7 languages.

Naoto Takenaka's Otona no Warai - BS Nippon Television


A different comedian (or comedy duo) is introduced in each episode and is asked to show in 60 minutes his or her own concept of "comedy for grownups". The program's host is Naoto Takenaka who, dressed in a tuxedo, starts each episode with the same question: "What is comedy for you?".

Japan Sports Gomi-Hiroi Federation


Gomi-Hiroi is a brand new sport born in Japan which transforms volunteering into sports competition. With its motto "Cleaning up the town is a sport!", it adds a sports twist to the litter collecting activities traditionally organized by companies and local communities.

ニュース News

News [ニュース]

TV program - Nippon Television MIDNITE TV Series "CHUCK Second Season" is on air every Tuesday night!NEW!

TV program - Nippon Television MIDNITE TV Series
"CHUCK Second Season" is on air every Tuesday night!

October 18, 2012

The comedy duo Hiking Walking introduces the highlights of each episode of "CHUCK Second Season" with short skits.

Program outline

Broadcasting channel: Nippon Television (Kanto area only)
Broadcasting time: Every Tuesday from 2:29 AM
Title: MIDNITE TV Series "CHUCK Second Season" Highlights Corner
Cast: Hiking Walking

Program website

Hiking Walking

Hiking Walking (AKA Haiwo)

Comedy duo formed by Matsuda and Qtaro, belonging to Yoshimoto Creative Agency.

The duo formed in June 2001 and since its first tv appearance in 2007 gained a lot of popularity.

Hiking Walking Official Blog


TV program - BS Nippon Television "Naoto Takenaka's Otona no Warai" September Lineup (on air every Thursday at 22:00)

TV program - Movie Plus "A final review of the upcoming Avengers movie"

TV program - NHK BS1 "Athlete's Soul - Kazunari Watanabe Track Cycling Special"

TV program - BS Nippon Television "Naoto Takenaka's Otona no Warai" is on air every Thursday at 22:00!

アクセス Access

Company Profile [会社概要]

Brain Corporation Tokyo Head Office

Aoyama Kumano Jinja Bldg. B1F/1F/5F, 2-2-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL:+81-3-5775-3251 FAX:+81-3-5775-3653

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会社概要 Company Profile

Company Profile [会社概要]

Company Name Brain Corporation
President Toshihide Maeda
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Brain Service Corporation (Holdings): JPY 40,000,000
Number of Employees 100 (including contract employees, as of April 2012)
Tokyo Head Office
Aoyama Kumano Jinja Bldg. B1F/1F/4F/5F, 2-2-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Access]
Osaka Office
Shinsaibashi East Bldg. 502, 2-5-19 Minami Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Okinawa Office
Okinawa Industrial Support Center 5F, 1831-1 Oroku, Naha City, Okinawa
Major Customers
(in random order, titles omitted)
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Dentsu Inc.
NHK Enterprises, Inc.
Japan International Broadcasting Inc.
NHK Educational Corporation
BS Nippon Corporation
Business Activities - Web Planning/Production/System Development/Management
- Mobile Planning/Production/System Development/Management
- Video Planning/Production/Shooting/Video Editing/Audio Editing/Authoring
- Event Planning/Management
- Promotion Planning/Implementation
- Publishing Book Planning/Editing/Sales
- International Coordination
Brain Group Companies Brain Service Corporation (Holdings)
Sanshusha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Instructional Design Lab Co., Ltd. (UI and UX research)
Brain Vietnam Service Company, Ltd. (Brain Vietnam Office)
Partner Companies Impress Holdings, Inc.
electrodream Inc.
Ariga & Prisma Inc.
Japan Package Craft Association
Japan Sports Gomi-Hiroi Federation
NPO Association of International Exchange
Cosmic Engine Co., Ltd.
Exceed, Ltd.

ビジョン Vision

Vision [ビジョン]

Brain Group is a multimedia production company specializing in publishing, video, web and event production.
"Global Communication Support" is our mission, and we support international, interpersonal and business communication from culture and language to education and entertainment,
Our company's philosophy is to make the most of our skills to contribute to local and international society through our support activities.

関連会社 Group&Partners

Group&Partners [関連会社]

Brain Group Companies Sanshusha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Glocal Point Co., Ltd.
Brain Service Corporation (Holdings)
Partner Companies Impress Holdings, Inc.
Ariga & Prisma Inc.
electrodream Inc.
Cosmic Engine Co., Ltd.
Exceed, Ltd.

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